Full-Sized Back Bar Products

Access is available once you send over your valid Esthetician License to BackBar@Beautystrike.us

How Beauty Strike Pro supports you

In Person

Attend A Beauty Strike workshop with Emani our Founder to grow your understanding and learning of the Esthetic world

On Stream

Cant attend in person? Join our Live streaming courses and ask all the questions you need.

24/7 Courses

Access courses 24/7 through our website feel free to go back and watch, ask questions and replay videos as many times as you need.

Ebooks and Printables

Educate yourself with ebooks and clients with printables of consultation forms and contraindication forms

From education to backbar

Purchase backbar products and wholesale Beauty Strike products to resell to your customer base by emailing - Backbar@beautystrike.us with your license or current Esthetic school schedule.

  • Education

    Continue to learn skills, treatments and other Beauty Professional treatments

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  • Backbar Products

    Shop Beauty Strike Back Bar products. as well as receive Beauty Strike wholesale to resell to clients and customers

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  • Ebooks

    Just as valueable as courses but Ebooks give you tools like tools you should have as an esthetician, intake forms and more.

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